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The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this Web site as well as all transactions conducted through the site.

  • Consumer Agreement
  • General kit building Terms & Conditions

    These terms and conditions of sale relate to the product you purchase from this website. It is important that you carefully read and understand these terms and conditions.

    What you are about to purchase is a structural steel building. It is not an RTA toy. This building needs to be installed in compliance with the structural engineering supplied. This building is made from standard Rollformed materials which require cutting and fitting to construct this building.

    ShedCorpTas makes no warranty regarding the suitability of the product for the Clients specific purpose or its suitability for the Clients specific location. It is the responsibility of the Client to satisfy themselves of the suitability of the product purchased for their own specific purpose.

    Each kit building is designed in accordance with the structural design specification detailed within the inclusions area of the product description. At the time of placement of order the Client is given the opportunity to provide the site details where the kit is to be constructed. Upon receipt of order ShedCorpTas shall reference this site information using mapping software (google maps, etc.) to determine if the site satisfies the engineering specification. Where the site conditions satisfy the engineering specification, ShedCorpTas shall provide a signed Tasmanian Government Form 35A certificate of compliance. Where the engineering specification is not satisfied by the site conditions, ShedCorpTas shall provide the Client with the opportunity to change the ordered building to a design which suits the site conditions with the Client to pay any costs associated with the change. Should the Client not accept these changes ShedCorpTas shall either:

    Cancel the order and refund any monies paid, or;
    Supply the building with a covering letter of structural compliance stating the structural design criteria of the building supplied in lieu of the Tasmanian Government Form 35A certificate.
    Where the Client submits the engineering provided for submission to a building/planning authority for approval to construct, and where the Client has not authorised for the manufacture of materials (pending building approval), should the governing authority reject the building/planning application, ShedCorpTas shall refund the Deposit amount, less administrative costs, subject to the following clauses:

    The Client provides ShedCorpTas with a letter from the governing authority outlining the rejection of the application,
    The site location does not allow for the building to be constructed. i.e.: the governing authority will not let the Client build over an easement.
    The Client cannot place the building in another location that will be approved by the governing authority.
    The client cannot change the building to a design that can be approved by the governing authority.
    The client returns the engineering certification and structural documents and agrees to not use any of the information provided by ShedCorpTas in any future building/planning application.
    The kit building will be supplied based on the structural design nominated by ShedCorpTas.

    The products supplied are warranted by the material manufacturers. Any warranties provided shall be subject to the terms of the material manufacturers. ShedCorpTas shall provide copies of manufacturer warranty terms for the specific job upon request.

    It is particularly important to note that roof and wall sheeting is supplied in packs and these sheets have been produced normally 24-48 hours prior to delivery. If you do not intend to erect your kit for some time it is important to know that the warranty of the surface finish of sheeting when stored as packed (commonly called ‘wet stacking”) is six months - in a stored environment (i.e.: inside a shed). If stored in an area exposed to the weather (outside) this period is reduced to 28 days.

    As the materials for our buildings are produced as required any changes after productions commences (and any material produced that needs to be changed) shall be at the expense of the Client.

    It is the responsibility of the Client (or the Clients nominated agent i.e.: the builder) to be present at the time arranged for delivery of the kit. This delivery time is to be arranged between the Client and ShedCorpTas.
    A check list is supplied upon delivery. This will be packed with the connection components and fasteners. It is the responsibility of the Client to check the delivered components at the time of delivery and advise ShedCorpTas of any material damages or shortages as per the check list. As ShedCorpTas cannot be responsible for the security of the Clients site, any claim for shortages will not be accepted after Client takes possession of materials.

    It is the responsibility of the Client to check the kit materials for any damage that may have occurred during manufacture or transport. Damage to product must be reported within 7 days of delivery AND BEFORE COMMENCEMENT OF ANY CONSTRUCTION OF THE KIT MATERIALS. It is the responsibility of the Client to thoroughly check the materials supplied before construction commences. For the avoidance of assigning blame ShedCorpTas will not accept any claim for damages to materials after construction commences. It is important to check all products for damage at the first opportunity as the material manufacturers reserve the right to resupply any damaged product in accordance with their current production schedule and timeframes.

    It is important to note further to the above clause, that the cladding for the building is a rollformed product and the join edges between sheets can vary from time to time due to variations in batches of materials and the tolerances of the rollforming machines that manufacture the cladding. It is very difficult for the manufacturer to determine if the cladding will lap correctly prior to installation as minor variances in the sheeting is difficult to determine when the sheeting is packed and not subjected to the physical forces exerted by fasteners. It is the responsibility of the client to check that the cladding is lapping in a satisfactory manner at the commencement of cladding the building. Should it become apparent the cladding is not lapping in a satisfactory manner the client is to stop at the first instance the sheeting does not appear to be lapping correctly. The material suppliers reserve the right to inspect and replace incorrect cladding product but only if the erector stops and does not continue cladding the building. Continuing to clad the structure will be seen as acceptance of the product in its received state.

    All kits are supplied with structural engineering (supplied prior to delivery to the Client for certification purposes) and a construction guideline. The guideline and the engineering are sufficient for a tradesperson with the relevant qualifications and experience to erect the building supplied. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that whoever is engaged to erect the building is sufficiently experienced as per the requirements detailed in page three of the construction guideline supplied with the kit. This building is not recommended for construction by persons who are not experienced with construction of steel framed buildings. Please ensure that whoever constructs your building has the correct building qualifications and tools to work with steel structures. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure whoever erects the buildings reads the engineering and construction guideline before commencement and is comfortable with the requirements and procedures to erect the building. ShedCorpTas, and its suppliers, take no responsibility, from whatever source, for plea of ignorance in erecting this building once construction commences.

    It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure they are aware of the terms above and seek professional independent legal advice in relation to these terms if they do not understand the terms. By purchasing product supplied by ShedCorpTas the Client is accepting the terms and conditions above.