Shelter Sheds

Our shelter sheds are a cost effective alternative to a carport at a lower cost to an enclosed garage.

With both of the side walls sheeted the Shelter Shed provides a low cost solution with better protection than a typical open carport. 

By being based around our market leading direct member garage portal frame, the Shelter Shed is future proof allowing the owner to clad the gable ends at a later date to turn it into a standard garage. With the gable end open these buildings are also ideal as an outdoor entertaining area.

This design is highly recommended for first home buyer and home owners who are loooking for a low cost solution for car storage.




6m x 6m Shelter Shed
6m x 6m Shelter Shed



Our design features include:

  • BlueScope® material throughout - Always ask if the building is made from BlueScope® material or inferior imported product
  • Main connections are bolted using high tensile 16mm bolts - not mild steel 12mm purlin bolts or screws. Always ask if the main frame is bolted or screwed together
  • Straight forward, super strong direct knee connection - no knee plate to move around or fail
  • Design incorporates direct member connection wherever possible. This eliminates the potential of structural failure through improperly installed brackets connections
  • Cladding fixed to frame with modern Tophat purlin section produced by Lysaght (a Bluescope Steel Company). The tophat design is fixed quickly and directly to the main framework and the modern profile eliminates "purlin roll" associated with older "C" or "Z" section roof purlins


Other features include:

  • Choose between Zincalume® or the standard range Colourbond® cladding options
  • Multiple roof cladding, pitch & design options
  • Custom design buildings priced based on design and materials required - not loaded with any additional margin for custom work
  • Structural engineering documents included in the kit price - not an additional amount
  • Because we are Tasmanian based and manufactured our price is ex-Launceston - not an ex-Melbourne price or any hidden freight to Tasmania costs
  • We have low cost local site delivery options


Please consider the following;

  • Locally produced framing and cladding by Lysaghts (a Bluescope Steel Company) - Locally produced products designed for our region
  • All connection components Tasmanian made by BrackPak using BlueScope® Galvabond® material


When you buy a ShedCorpTas building your money stays in Tasmania - employing Tasmanians!