Why buy ShedCorpTas?


4 Reasons why you should buy from ShedCorpTas

1. Local. We are locally based. We live in Tasmania along with the engineer who certifys our work. ALL of our suppliers are businesses based in Tasmania.

2. BlueScope® steel. We use Australian BlueScope® steel in our buildings. Our frames are rolled from either Galvabond™ or Zincalume™ steel along with our connection components. Our cladding, flashings and roller doors are made from either Colorbond® or Zincalume™ steel. MOST LOW COST GARAGE KITS ARE MADE WITH INFERIOR IMPORTED COLOUR PRODUCTS. If you deal with a company and they advertise non-BlueScope® colours such as "Caulfield Green", "Heritage Red", "Mist Green", "Slate Grey" or "Smooth Cream" - BE VERY AFRAID! These are imported steel colours. BlueScope® Steel is an Australian public company which warrants its products - who are you going to call when your garage made with imported cladding fades? Most Shed Companies who use imported product cannot even tell you the name or location of the steel factory who made the product!

3. Experience. Although we are based in Tasmania we have been involved in the pre-engineered building industry for nearly twenty years servicing mainland Australia and this long term association with major Australian manufacturers, who have a major presence in the Tasmanian building industry, allows us to provide a low cost building direct to the Tasmanian market. We have nationally negotiated supply pricing that most Tasmanian shed companies simply do not have access too.

4. No Middleman. When you buy from us there is no middleman. When you deal with a reseller, agent or franchisee YOU ARE DEALING WITH A MIDDLEMAN. A middleman typically is not directly involved with the purchasing or supply of the material and normally payment has to be made by the middleman to a third party - typically the franchisor.


     Consider this:

     In Tasmania over the last ten years there have been a number of shed business's shut down or go bankrupt. We cannot name these business's for legal reasons but what we can say is ALL OF THESE BUSINESS'S HAVE BEEN EITHER RESELLERS OR SUPPLIERS OF NON-BLUESCOPE PRODUCT. Many of their customers never received the sheds they ordered DESPITE THE RESELLERS BEING REPRESENTATIVES OF MAJOR SHED COMPANIES. 


    Most shed companies have resellers in Tasmania. The reason for this is simple. They are based on the mainland and cannot service Tasmania. Most shed companies require the reseller to operate a retail display site or sales office. Nowdays with the internet this is an outdated and unneccessary expense and these costs are added onto the selling price to the customer.   


    When you see a display site consider the overheads the reseller has to pay just to operate: Rent, Rates, Outgoings, Displays, etc. All of these costs MUST be added onto the sell price of any product the reseller sells. After going to all this expense many resellers will not leave their sales office to visit with customers on site.


    We sell direct to the public via our online store. We are not some interstate or overseas enterprise. We are based in Tasmania but choose to service our clients with modern day technology to keep our overheads, and your costs, to a minimum.


    If you are worried about purchasing over the internet consider the following:

    1. Irrespective of who you deal with we know of no internet based shed business's that have "gone broke" and taken any customers money - but we know a lot of resellers that have. IT IS MUCH SAFER TO PURCHASE ON-LINE DIRECT THAN WITH A LOCAL RESELLER. Purchasing a shed kit on-line with a credit card is a far safer purchase method than the old "I'll give you a discount for cash" line from a reseller.

    2. We deal direct with the manufacturers - not via some third party franchise structure.

    3. When you order your building from us we can provide you with confirmation of placement of the material orders direct from the manufacturers - YOU KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO GET YOUR BUILDING.

    4. We don't have the site operating overheads of the reseller/agent network. You are dealing directly with the company that developed and ordered the building. 

    5. If you do not feel comfortable purchasing our product on-line simply use the "Send Details" option on-line. NO PAYMENT IS NECCESSARY - YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO BUY IF YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH OUR PROGRESS PAYMENT AGREEMENT WHICH WE WILL PERSONALLY CONTACT YOU WITH. We will contact you and deal with you formally, visiting you personally if you wish, to discuss and confirm your order. 


    Four Questions to ask when you get a quote for your shed.